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Graphene Tracker: Graphene Super (Supercapacitor) an Energy Revolution

Graphene seems to be living up to its promise in many fields, while some (like flexible ultrathin computers) are still waiting to happen. The newest shock in the graphene community is coming from the material’s ability to be integrated into supercapacitors, which are like ordinary lithium ion batteries with much faster charging times. Such batteries based on graphene have been hinted at in various patents that we reviewed here on the website, however the concept is most clearly demonstrated in the following video from UCLA:

The video features Ric Kaner, a material scientist from UCLA, who demonstrates the reduction of graphene oxide into graphene using a regular DVD burner. The graphene is subsequently peeled off the DVD and seemingly powers a small LED for long periods of time. The concept, shocking as it may seem, is not exactly new. Mehran Keshe has been touting a similar approach for a while, at the disbelief of many. Perhaps sceptics will be more convinced when they see it coming from a professor of a big university, with a very solid scientific track record, like Ric Kaner.

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