In this video, Ric Kaner and Maher El-Kady discuss how graphene can revolutionize the automobile in "Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World". Told through 6 episodes, this series takes a look at inventions that gave humans the ability to fly, from Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines to modern commercial planes. Watch the full episode, which aired recently on PBS (US) and BBC4 (UK) [link here].

IMDB rating 8.1/10. 


Great efforts are currently in progress at Nanotech Energy, Inc. who has licensed our technology to move this work from the laboratory to the industrial scale. I accepted an offer from Nanotech Energy to lead a team of researchers and engineers from different disciplines and nationalities to create and bring to the market new products, processes and services for the past five years. This work encompasses several different activities, which has increased my confidence in communicating my research to those outside the field and taught me how to solve real-world problems and negotiate practical solutions. The company has been successful and an operating factory is in development with working prototypes having already been created. More information can be found at the company website at

We are actively developing the following products:

Nanotech Products

Nanotech Energy is moving cutting edge graphene research from the lab to the market

Battery manufacture

Slot-die coating of graphene-based electrodes for next generation lithium ion batteries

Graphene Batteries

Graphene batteries that can store more charge and are more powerful than traditional lithium ion batteries

Printed Electronics

Another area of interest is creating electronic devices by printing on a variety of substrates

3D printing.jpg
Conductive Epoxy

Two-part and one-part conductive adhesives that can be used as a replacement to high temperature soldering

EMI Shielding

Developing devices that can protect electronics from electromagnetic interference

EM shielding.jpg
Silver Nanoparticles

Production of silver nanoparticles with controlled particle size for printed electronics applications

Silver Nanowires

Silver nanowires with excellent optical & electrical properties for flexible displays, solar cells, bandages& sterile

Conductive Inks

Graphene inks for screen, spray, flexographic, spin coating and inkjet printing applications

conductive ink.jpg