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It began with an idea!
A vision to transform a super material into safer and smarter possibilities; a mission to power an energy revolution!


In 2014, I co-founded Nanotech Energy alongside successful CEO Dr. Jack Kavanaugh and esteemed Professor Richard Kaner, leveraging graphene discoveries from my graduate research at UCLA to revolutionize the energy storage market.

As the chief technology officer of the company, I am leading a team of scientists and engineers for developing more powerful batteries for the next generation of consumer electronics and electric cars. Our relentless pursuit of innovation has resulted in the successful mass production of powerful supercapacitors, printed electronics, EMI shielding materials, conductive inks, and adhesives. These cutting-edge products have already made their way to the market, demonstrating our commitment to delivering impactful solutions.


With a substantial funding of USD 100+ million, Nanotech Energy is well-positioned for growth and expansion. Our strategic plans include establishing a strong international presence, as evidenced by the upcoming opening of our EU headquarters in Amsterdam, the construction of a state-of-the-art graphene battery factory in Reno, Nevada, and the enhancement of our existing graphene production site in Chico, California

Nanotech Energy's commitment to innovation is evident through its extensive global patent portfolio, comprising 300+ patents and patent applications, which protect the company's valuable technological advancements. Overall, Nanotech Energy is driving advancements in energy storage, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in battery and supercapacitor technologies, and shaping the future of sustainable and efficient power solutions.

More information can be found at the company website at

Nanotech Battery 2
We are actively developing the following products:
Nanotech Products

Nanotech Energy is moving cutting edge graphene research from the lab to the market

Graphene Batteries

Graphene batteries that can store more charge and are more powerful than traditional lithium ion batteries

G2 Battery Flat.jpeg
Cell Design

Graphene batteries can take different shapes and designs from flat pouch cells to cylindrical cells

Battery manufacture

Slot-die coating of graphene-based electrodes for next generation lithium ion batteries

Printed Electronics

Another area of interest is creating electronic devices by printing on a variety of substrates

printed electronics 2.jpg
Conductive Epoxy

Two-part and one-part conductive adhesives that can be used as a replacement to high temperature soldering

EMI Shielding

Developing spray paints and devices that can protect electronics from electromagnetic interference

Graphene Products

Offer single-layer graphene and graphene oxide products 

Flexible Touchscreen

Silver nanowires with excellent optical & electrical properties for flexible displays, solar cells, bandages& sterile

Conductive Inks

Graphene and silver nanoparticle inks for screen, spray, flexographic, spin coating, and inkjet printing applications

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